Following Jesus is more than going to church.

Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.
— Jesus

People have used different terms throughout history to explain their faith in God.  The first followers of Jesus were called Disciples, students who followed the teacher.  Those who followed Jesus’ teaching were first called Christians only a few years after his death and resurrection.  They had several goals.  To do what he asked of them and to become ‘like Christ’ in character,  His teaching had an amazing effect on them.

Over the past few centuries, a variety of names have described belief systems.  Many people describe their faith by identifying their church, denomination or even a doctrine, for example, ‘I grew up Catholic’ or 'I am reformed" etc.   That may be accurate for describing one's upbringing, but sometimes these identities fail to translate into authentic life-changing faith as an adult. 'Doing religion' often does not change our hearts.

Do I trust Jesus for my life, fears & dreams?

Questions we need to ask ourselves include: 'Do I really know Jesus?', 'Am I really following Jesus' teachings?'', 'Am I loving person of God and others?'

Following Jesus means we live in a relationship of trust.

Our hope is that our faith is far more than our church background or a vague acknowledement that Jesus seemed like a good guy. We strive for a personal relationship with the risen Jesus. This is what God desires for us. That is what Jesus offers us. The Bible in both the Old and New Testaments speaks of the life-transforming faith of his followers.  The knew what they saw and experienced in Jesus, and were never the same.

This relationship is not about rules, tradition, being 'good enough' or being right all the time.  It is about love, new life and following Jesus' teaching.   This is about ‘a righteousness of God through faith in Jesus.’  (see the book of Romans chapter 3 verses 21-26 for some heavy stuff).

Jesus wasGod's unique Son sent from Heaven.  Jesus sacrificed his life and gave us access to God through offering us forgiveness.  God’s Spirit inhabits the lives of his believers.  Now that is something that no other religion offers!  In addition, as followers of Jesus we experience the power of God to heal, transform and guide our daily walk.

Have I put my faith in Jesus for eternity?

We are learning to live as God wishes us to live, learning to love.  Jesus is our companion and Lord of our lives.  God is the solution to our dilemmas.   These are big claims.  We'd love to have a conversation with you about your journey, your doubts & fears, your joys & hopes.  Please feel free to send us your comments about following Jesus.  Let us know of your needs and how we can serve you. 


Here is an amazing collection of material to learn more about Jesus from the university ministry Student Mobilization.